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Its Kev’s birthday

Cian a big slice please!

It is Cian’s birthday!

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 21.50.29

Max lighting the brithday candles


Group Activities



Max present OER the splitting of water molecules!

Max recieving the best oral presentation award, living the postdoc life!

Anna having a discussion about her poster with Ruggero Bonetto at the ICCC poster session!

Manting is giving a talk at ICCC 2022 in Rimini

Marconi’s best presentation!

Manting is presenting at Biennal meeting

Max giving a talk on CO2 reduction with ZnSe at Biennal meeting!

Michael’s prize winning talk!

Anna and her beautiful poster!

Manting at the UCD chemistry colloquium poster session

Vivek giving a talk at UCD

Amber energy meeting – Anna

Kev’s third year talk, can’t believe u are this old :))

Max as Repsol oil company (virtually)

Salute to chem – Michael


Happy Birthday to Max!

the awesome group on the awesome hoodie for our awesome supervisor!


setting up the CCEM server

Max as Repsol oil company (virtually)

Group Activities

Delicious Italian flat bread

welcome Cian back to the group

Felix the new phd!!!


the sun is shining and so are we :))

A joint group hiking trip!



goodbye Peppe, social distanced hi five! elbow five??


Eric, Michael and Max representing the group at the 2019 UK Catalysis Conference held in Loughborough University

Michael was very busy answering questions about his poster at the UKCC-2019!!



Beautiful view of the snowed Trinity’s Campanile!

What a gorgeous photo of the Berkeley Library in Trinity after the snow!

Trinity front square completely cover by snow!

3 Generations of theoretical chemists at the Girona Seminar 2018!

CCEM members enjoying the burrito day!

We did it! We surprised Max on his birthday! 😉

First CCEM BBQ at Portmarnock’s beach!! Perfect day to relax and disconnect!

Yummy, yummy!! And this was only the first round!! 🙂

Pablo, the cook, checking the meat! XD

Another CCEM burrito day!! Delicious as usual!!

Our 2nd CCEM Christmas Dinner!

Having fun in the lab before Arantxa’s farewell party!! XD


Podium of the 1st CCEM Karting Championship

After the 1st CCEM Karting Championship

Group members before the 1st CCEM Karting Championship

The four brave CCEM members!

Other 4 brave CCEM members!

Free style pose XD!! These guys are awesome!