We have Open Positions available!

The CCEM group has room for more people! We have PhD positions available for two enthusiastic and hard working people. These PhD students will perform exciting and cutting edge research in the field of green hydrogen production as part of the CCEM group in Trinity College Dublin. This research will have a focus on the design and modelling of electrocatalysts for the purposes of water splitting technology and is sure to provide incredible results!

More information can be found below, make sure to take a look!


Welcome Manting to the CCEM Group!

It’s that time of year again where someone new joins our research group! Since 2017, the CCEM group has been steadily growing. As of then, we have had 6 full time positions and many undergraduate, masters and visiting PhD students. This year we are thrilled to announce that Manting Mu has now joined us as a PhD student!

Manting has been working with the CCEM Group since the summer of 2020 as an undergraduate student and has been awarded an IRC scholarship to continue her exciting work on C-H activation and C-C coupling reactions using DFT methods. We are delighted that we will be able to see all that she will accomplish over the next 4 years. Definitely check back in to see how her research develops.

Congratulations Manting!